Naked Tissue Boxes, Cool or Uncool?

As a kid, I remember the crochet covered tissue box on the back of the toilet. My mom had a few designs and would switch out the crochet covers based on holiday.

I was never too fond of the crochet look and ever since I’ve lived on my own, my tissue boxes are always naked. But, is this not cool anymore? As I flipped through my Pottery Barn Catalog I noticed a MONOGRAMMED tissue box cover! Personalizing your tissues! This must be the Gucci of tissue box covers.

This finding attracted me to do some research on covering up tissue boxes. I found some crazy creative tissue box covers out there and picked my favorites to share with you…

creative tissue box coversSpiderman Tissue Cover

crochet bathroom covers winterThis is over the top and I love it!    Crochet Snowman Cover

Obama tissue box coverI’m sure you can find this in each of the 35 bathrooms at the White House.  Obama Tissue Holder

homemade scrapbook tissue box coverI could see this on my desk or vanity. Girlie and homemade!

modern tissue box coverThe modern version.

sky diving tissue coverNow this would have people reaching for tissues! *My favorite!

Happy sneezing!

Thank you to my sources!

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