A Tiffany & Co. Bridal Shower Brunch

I was honored to be a bridesmaid at my sister-in-law, Leanne’s wedding. If you’ve ever been in a wedding you know the fun starts WAY before the white dress. I had the most fun planning the Breakfast at Tiffany’s inspired bridal shower with my fellow bridesmaids. The theme was a surprise to the bride-to-be and we wanted to make it really special. We wanted the party to scream “Tiffany’s” but, we were on a budget. So, we had to choose where to splurge and where to save. Here it goes…

Tiffany and company bridal shower brunch invitations

I created custom invitations for Leanne’s Bridal Shower. To create the invitations, I downloaded a free font that was inspired by the Tiffany & Company logo font. I printed the invites at home on textured teal paper that I bought at Michael’s Craft Store. I used my Michael’s 40% off one item coupon to purchase a 50 pack invitation kit (white cardstock postcard invitations and envelopes). Using a scrapbook taperoller I attached the printed teal paper to the white invitation and added a self-stick rhinestone. With a dab from the glue gun I added ribbon and a white bow on the side of the invitation. Cost of supplies for 40 homemade Tiffany invitations: $28

Tiffany & Co bridal shower food

For the Breakfast at Tiffany’s brunch menu I made a few of my famous quiche :-), waldorf chicken salad sandwiches and ham, brie, apple sandwiches. We ordered bagels, a variety of cream cheeses and muffins from a local bakery. An easy-eat and a fresh menu.

Table Centerpiece for Tiffany wedding Shower Brunch - Creative Melissa Designs

The centerpiece of the food table was a borrowed large martini glass filled with some borrowed costume jewelry and an empty Tiffany’s bag and box.brunch bar mimosas and bellinis

We offered an extensive brunch bar! Mimosas, bloody Marys, peach bellinis, wine and iced tea served with fruit.  There’s something about adding fresh fruit to your drink that makes it seem…fancy!  Notice how each white dish is bordered with teal ribbon.  The ribbon was purchased at Joanne Fabrics and we used a dab of glue from a glue gun to hold the ribbon around the dish.  Don’t worry, the glue peels right off the dish once the party is over.iced tea and water container drinks at bridal shower

I purchased teal fabric from Joanne Fabrics for $19.  Using fabric tape I created a few square overlays for the dessert and food tables. It was a spurge but layering a few pieces of fabric around really transformed the room

breakfast at tiffanys bridal showerOur big splurge was a Tiffany & Co gift box cake made by Cakes & Candies by Maryellen.  The cake made a big statement when the guests arrived and it tasted oh so good!

tiffany & co party desserts and cake

I made Oreo pops and marshmallow pops to compliment the cake. The white chocolate I died with some blue food coloring and the white-ball sprinkles I bought at JoAnne Fabrics.

display wedding photos of family relativesThe maid of honor had a great idea – to display wedding photos of the bride and groom’s relatives at the shower.  Some photos were only a couple years old and some were over 50 years old!

welcome to bridal shower sign tiffany and company

Tiffany and company party centerpiece

Making the centerpieces was so easy! We purchased teal wrapping paper from Target and white ribbon from Joanne Fabrics. We bought to-go cake boxes from AC Moore (3.99 for a pack of 10). Wrapping the boxes with the wrapping paper and ribbon transformed them into Tiffany gift boxes. We cut off the top of the box and put a juice glass inside the box. Fill the juice glass with water and flowers and you’re done!

drink labels for bridal shower

breakfast at tiffanys bridal shoewr party

I love posting signs in the bathroom.  It’s unexpected and shows your attention to detail.  I created the fun sign above and tapped it inside the bathroom on the door.

bridal shower teal rhinestone event

Using the Tiffany inspired font, I created a sign for the front door, the gift table and for the back of the bathroom door :-).  I also made labels for all of the food and drinks.  To create a cute detail, I stuck a self-stick rhinestone on each. If you’d like help creating custom signs, labels or invitations for your party, contact me melissarudolphcreative@gmail.com or like my page on Facebook facebook.com/creativemelissa

bridal shower girls teal summer

The Breakfast at Tiffany’s bridal shower was so much fun to plan and the bide-to-be was truly surprised. Now it’s time to plan the bachelorette party! Congrats Leanne!

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10 thoughts on “A Tiffany & Co. Bridal Shower Brunch

  1. I love the idea as I have had this idea for a friend of mine, whom I am in her wedding. You have great ideas on this blog. The only comment I have is that the color is “Tiffany Blue” not “Teal.” Teal is darker with more green in it, whereas Tiffany Blue is a distinct light blue color. You created it beautifully.

    1. Hi Leticia, Once you download the font folder, unzip the folder and paste it’s contents into your “fonts” folder (control panel -> display -> fonts). Feel free to post on my Facebook page if you need more detailed instructions: I wish I did have one because I would certainly send it to you.

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