DIY Valentine’s Gift Ideas Under $30

Running out of time before “Love Day”?  Here are a couple ideas for some cute, DIY, last minute Valentine’s Gifts.

Matching a small gift with a cleverly worded homemade card is the perfect gift that will really bring on the kisses: guy valentine's day gift idea fishingGuys can be so hard to buy for.  If your man is a fisherman, match some fishing lures with a homemade card that says “I’m hooked on you.”  A quick, inexpensive gift that your hunny will actually use.

gift card valentine's love idea diy homemadeA gift card is a lame gift to give your valentine.  HOWEVER, if you match it with a cute card that says “I love you a latte” your sweetie is sure to be pleased.

Use Iron on transfers to create hidden messages on your beau’s underclothes!
homemade last minute valentine's gift for girlType some love messages in Microsoft word or whatever program you wish.  The messages should be tiny …about 1”-2” when printed.   Make sure you space the different messages far apart from one another and “mirror”/flip the text before your print onto the iron-on transfer.

*Once you have the messages printed, cut apart each message.  Then, iron the love messages on the INSIDE of the tshirts (or whichever garment you choose).  For example, iron the message “I love you” on the inside of the tshirt, under the armpit.  Iron “You’re my sweet thang” on the inside on the tshirt by the bottom hem.  Iron a heart under the tshirt’s tag, etc.

The messages are on the inside of the shirt so when your hunny wears the garment no one will be able to see them.  Only you and your cutie will know where the hidden messages are and what they say.  You can really get creative with placement and the messages :-).

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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