Save the Date Invite Design

For my Save The Date invitations, I knew I wanted to do something unique.  I used a few skills in photoshop to create a funny and personal Save the Date magnet to send to guests!

before and after design of save the date
It was a sunny day in West Chester, PA so my fiancee and I got dressed and charged our $100 Kodak camera.  My little sister took pictures of us being silly in my parent’s backyard.  This was one of my favorite pictures and I thought I could manipulate the image fairly easily:

before and after save the date photo

In Photoshop, I cut-out our bodies from the rest of the picture and background.

wedding invites custom pictures

Cute! Now it’s time to design the invites. I wasn’t sure what colors I wanted to use for my wedding so I just went with colors that I love…muted teal and purple.

designed save the date invite cards

I used layering in Photoshop to input the “hanging off a tree image” onto the off-white box/block.

Save the date design photoshop picture image cards

Once I was happy with the final design, I ordered the oversized magnets from  They looked great printed and were a great deal (75 Save the Date invites cost me less than $100 TOTAL)!

Save the date design final choice picture

I still have my Save the Date magnet on my fridge even though my wedding was over three years ago!

save the date magnet creative design

If you are interested in custom Save the Date invitations, contact me.  I’d be happy to chat with you about creative ideas and give you a free consultation for design. or

2 thoughts on “Save the Date Invite Design

  1. Wow they look great! Great idea and a huge money saver too! I’m always planning my non-existent-I’m-not-even-engaged-yet wedding in my head and will have to keep homemade save the date cards in mind!

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