Winter Wedding Inspiration

As I was sifting through some old computer files, trying to free-up some disc space, I came across a folder titled “wedding wants”.  In the folder were random wedding pictures that I collected from all across the internet.  I drew inspiration from the pictures as I planned for my wedding.  You see, Pinterest wasn’t invented yet so I had to settle on the ole “save picture as” function.  My third anniversary is coming up so I obviously don’t need the folder any longer, but, instead of deleting the folder, I thought I’d share it with you.  Maybe you’ll be inspired too!

Wedding Hair Styles
I knew I wanted my hair half up and half down but, who knew there were so many versions of that simple hair style!

wedding hair pulled to side half upcurls wedding hair ideaback of hair twisted curledbump hair loose curls weddingnatural curls wedding hairfront hair bump brown messy

Winter Wedding Flowers
My husband and I got married in February in PA.  There weren’t many different types of flowers available during that time of year.  I went with simple flowers – red roses for me, purple and red roses for the bridesmaids, orchids for the moms, and red ranunculus for the groomsmen.

red rose guy wedding winterred rose crystal ball bouquet

Candy Bar as Favors

I loved the idea of a candy bar and it looked really cute at the reception.  A tip: order twice as much candy as you think!  I used material at the bottom of the candy jars to make the jars look more full (without spending a ton on candy).  Even so, it took A LOT of candy to fill the big jars!

Winter Wedding Cake
Instead of using a standard cake topper, I found pretty snowflake Christmas ornaments.  I loved the fondant bow to add even more height to the high cake.  I also asked my bakery to add snowflake piping on a few of the cake tiers similar to the picture on the left.  It turned out really cute!
snowflake winter wedding cake snowflake white wedding cakewinter silver snowflake topper cake

Other Wedding Pics I Used For Inspiration

snowflake pics used at weddingpicture holder place cardsguys wedding tux long tailssnowflake tablesnowflake punch for invitesfunny wedding pic idea

I hope you were inspired by something in this post!  Happy planning!

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