Oreo stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies

My little sister and I were hankerin for a sweet dessert.  We made an ooey, gooey chocolate chip cookie WITH an Oreo baked in the center!

oreo melted in choc chip cookie

It was so simple to make! I suggest you whip up a batch asap.  Here’s how:

chocolate chip cookie mix and double oreo

Start with Double Stuffed Oreos and Chocolate Chip Cookie mix (or make your dough from scratch).  I opted for the easy prepackaged mix and made the cookie dough as directed on the package.

scoop dough of chocolate chip around oreo cookie

Use a small scooper to scoop cookie dough on top of the cookie and one scoop of cookie dough on the bottom.  Smush the two scoops of cookie dough around the Oreo until it covers the Oreo completely.

cookie sheet stuffed chocolate chip cookies

The cookies do spread out wider than normal chocolate chip cookies.  Other then that, bake as directed on package/recipe.  I used a thick layer of cookie dough – I think I used a little too much.  Just a thin layer wrapped tightly around the Oreo is good.

goey cookie Oreos chocolate homemade recipe how to

The Oreo becomes soft and melts into the chocolate cookie.

gooey choc cookie homemade how to bake oreo

Can I get you a glass of milk?

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