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free printable 1950's - 2000 year in review remember
So, my father-in-law was turning the big 6-0. Hitting a milestone like 60, calls for a celebration, a party, a SURPRISE party!!!

My sister-in-laws Leanne and Katy planned out the entire event. Everything was beer themed. From the beer coaster “happy birthday” sign to the beer caps in vases centerpieces. Even a beer cake:

Chimay beer bottle cake design birthday party

Besides making my famous stromboli (Ok, ok maybe not FAMOUS, but they are delic) I was responsible for creating a “history through the years” display. Basically highlighting significant facts, events, pop culture, history for each decade that my father-in-law, Paul, has been alive.
decorations for men's 60th 50th birthday party design

Leanne and Katy purchased these 8.5×11 frames for a couple bucks at IKEA. I printed out each decade on a piece of 8.5 x 11 photo paper, added them to the frames…and done!

The display looked awesome on the mantle as a decoration for the party and it made for a great conversation piece.

50's - 00's pop culture facts and history

I searched many websites high and low to come up with this comprehensive list of facts for each decade and pictures to go along with each decade. From 1950 – 2000.

bullet list and images best facts from the decade
Feel free to use these print-outs at your next party!  Click the link below to download the PDF:

CLICK HERE FOR FREE printable: 1950-2000 Decade Highlights and History Facts

60th Birthday Party Decorations - decade images - Creative Melissa Designs

It’s perfect to display for anyone’s 40th, 50th, 60th birthday party or for an anniversary party.

Enjoy the look back at decades past!

top things to remember from each decade 1950 - 2000

CLICK HERE FOR FREE printable: 1950-2000 Decade Highlights and History Facts

Need additional decades? 20’s? 30’s? 40’s? 2010’s? Visit my Etsy store (CreativeMelissa) to purchase and download the printables:

Hostory through the decades BLOG pics from laurie - 2
Hostory through the decades BLOG pics from laurie - 4
history facts decor for party

37 thoughts on “FREE Printable: History Through the Decades

  1. Can you create another printable page up to current (2014)? Please let me know. I am throwing my mom a 60th birthday party and would love to use your history pages!! Thank you!

      1. It is saying your item is sold on the Etsy store – I LOVE this idea for my sister’s 50th bday party and I too need 2010 decade. Can you help?

  2. Hi Melissa! Love this idea! I am having a tough time figuring out how to print these. Is there a link to the images? They are great! Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Hi Melissa,

    I would like to print this for my Mom’s sixty Birthday party and I do not know how to print these either. Also, I saw the post for current pages up to 2014 and I was curious if you did that? I would be interested in that as well.

  4. Hi Melissa. Like Megan, I cannot figure out how to print the “History Through the Decades”. Is there a link to the images? Thanks so much!

  5. Hi! My brother is turning 50 and I would love to print this for him – any chance you’ve added 2010?? 🙂 Thanks, Mary

  6. this is so creative. I too would love a current one (2010 on) as well as one from the 1940’s (I have a 75th to plan)
    where did you get your facts to create the pages?

  7. i purchased the downloadable version just to say Thank You for your hard work. I’ve had to do the same searches for parties/projects and i can appreciate the time it takes.

    I hope people understand how much time goes into something this great!

    Thanks for saving me hours! 🙂

  8. My Father-in-law will be turning 100 soon. This would a great idea for the party that we are hosting for him. Does this go back to the 1900

  9. Thank you so much for sharing the pages! Can’t wait to use them at my husband’s surprise party this weekend! Such a great idea!

  10. Hi Melissa, I would love to buy these for a 90th birthday party, but I read in the comments that some of the content was considered inappropriate for kids. I’m wondering if you’ve addressed this?

    1. Hi Judy! Yes, I edited the printables removing facts/images that may be inappropriate such as the Janet Jackson nip-slip, 9/11 tower/plane pic, Time Magazine Cult of Death Cover, etc. The printables still include pictures such as beer ads and facts about deaths such as Lennon, Elvis, Diana.

  11. Hello! I’m doing 60 party for my sister born in 1956.
    I have printed up to the 80’s. Do you have the 90’s through 2015
    Also need 60 HAPPY BIRTHDAY sign. Thank you

  12. Hello Melissa, thank so so much for your blog, I am turning 60 next month and looking for this for a long time and suddenly here you are what I really needed. For sure this is a lot of work and you made it easy for us. I am looking for up to 2016 do you have any for me to purchase? I would really appreciate it if you could let me know? You are my saviour, God is great for answering what I needed. I am crazy looking everywhere. THANK YOU!

    1. Hi Rebecca!
      I designed the print-outs to be printed as 8×10 so I wouldn’t recommend any larger – I would be afraid the images would become pixelated and the quality would not be as crisp.

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