About Me

About me (in short)

I’m the Web & Marketing Specialist at West Chester University, a freelance designer, founder and president of an 100% volunteer organization, Team Lyme (Lyme Disease Ticks Us Off), runner, chef-wanna-be, and a passionate DIYer.

Stuff I create:

  • Wedding Invitations
  • Baby Shower, Bridal Shower, Baptism, Anniversary, Bat and Bar Mitzvah, Birthday and Holiday Invitations
  • Event Signage and Stationery – Place cards, programs, signs, table numbers, tags and stickers
  • Websites – wordpress websites and your good ole html
  • Logo Design
  • Marketing & Graphic Design – think brochures, postcards, business cards, you name it!
  • Social Media Marketing and Training

Want to hear more? Or learn how I can help make your event special or grow your business? Contact me!

About me (the long version)

As a child, I enjoyed creating all sorts of things. Doll house furniture, scrapbooking, I even produced, directed and filmed tv commercials at age 9!

That’s me at 9 years old, staring in a pretend commercial for an Ez-2-Do craft kit. ha!

While I was in college I started my first business, buying and selling things on eBay. It was through this side business that I began my love for garage sales, thrift stores and big bulk trash day (it’s true, I’m a trash picker). With a little elbow grease and some paint I could sell just about anything.

My now-husband and me cooking a delic dinner feast in college. No ramen noodles here!

After I graduated from Penn State, I started my career in marketing at West Chester University. I loved the variety and freedom of creating concepts and designing marketing materials for a variety of departments on campus. At WCU I’ve had the opportunity to design and create marketing materials- everything from websites to brochures to imprinted chewing gum, establish and manage WCU’s social media and work alongside talented students. I’ve worked at West Chester University for over four years now (wow! has it really been that long!?!). I still love my job and how much I continue to learn and advance my skills.

Life-size stand up cutouts I created to promote a new service at the university.

In my free time, I love to come up with new DIY projects, help plan parties, and do freelance work for my awesome clients. I still crave the hunt of a flea market, thrift store and yes, the trash. My passion is cooking and trying new recipes with my hubby (shout out to my fellow foodies!).

lemonde yellow cake pops and oreo pops I made these desserts for my niece’s lemonade-themed first birthday party

I run…a lot. I’m quite slow so I don’t consider myself a “runner” however, I’ve ran the broad street run three times, three half marathons and countless 5k’s, 10k’s (a full marathon is on my bucket list. On that note, if you have any tips for the 26.2 mile run please share!). I run for my organization, Team Lyme, which raises money for children suffering with chronic Lyme Disease. Feel free to read more about Team Lyme and my little sister’s struggle with Lyme Disease here.

lyme disease running tri team west chester pa Team Lyme at the Stone Harbor Triathlon

This is my first shot at a blog so bear with me. I really hope to offer inspiration and ideas like so many other blogs have done for me. So, let’s grab a glass of wine (if you’re over 21 of course), get our hands dirty and get creative!!