Homemade Halloween Costumes

Halloween is just around the corner! I have always created homemade costumes because they are cheap, one-of-a kind and you never know what inspiration you will find at the local thrift store.  Here are some of my creations through the years:

Deal or No Deal

Game show halloween costume adult girlsAt the time, this game show was a huge hit!  We found the dresses from DEB.  The cases we bought at SEARS (tool boxes) and spray painted them silver.

three girls costume ideas halloween
We lined the inside of the cases with red foam and asked our friends to “pick a case”.

Howie Mandel Halloween Costume deal or no deal
We even had our friend dress up as Howie Mandel so we had someone to say “open the case”.

Ass Wipe.

diy quick homemade halloween costumeWe thought of this and made this costume ten minutes before we left for a halloween party. OK, so covering my husband with toilet paper and calling him an ASS WIPE is not the most creative but it got a lot of laughs.  If you do this halloween costume idea, make sure you have a sign that says what you are.

Coffee Table costume

coffee table halloween costume homemadeI found this dress at Salvation Army and couldn’t stop laughing. The arm pads were the biggest I’ve seen and the collar looked like a table doily…

Halloween costume picture frame tableHence, why I was a coffee table for Halloween.  I hot glued a pill case, plastic tea cup, old remote control, picture frame (with old lady picture which i printed out from online) and, of course, reader’s digest … $6 total. Score!

Tourist and Duff Man

Duff woman Duffman halloween costumeLast year I was Duff Man from one of my favorite TV shows, The Simpsons.  Pj was a tourist.  I bought American window decals at the dollar store and pasted them on PJ’s shirt.  The flags and fanny pack and camera we had lying around the house.

simpson duff man halloween costume womanMy costume was super simple to make:

I wrote “Duff” in marker on some paper, cut and taped on my Phillies hat, empty soda cans, and my tank top.  I bought the tights, white gloves (.99) and the underwear at Kmart.  The cape was one of my bridesmaid’s shawls and I safety pinned a ribbon to it so I could tie it around my neck.  I glue gunned the empty cans to an old belt.  Luckily my friend had white go-go boots although I only needed one since I broke my foot.  ha! Pictured with Heidi Montag and an 80’s chick!

dyi homemade couple costume halloween easy quick
Corn Dog!!

Quite possibly the fastest DYI couples Halloween costume…A Corndog! Everything was purchased from Kmart, ACME and Michael’s Craft Store a few hours before our halloween party. At Michaels, I bought a cheap, bright yellow t-shirt for the corn costume, black felt sheets for the dog’s ears and white and brown sticky felt sheets for the spots. I bought corn kernels and frozen corndogs at ACME and the pants at Kmart.

To make the costumes: I drew a corn on the yellow t-shirt with a Sharpie marker. I went crazy with the glue gun and poured glue all over the corn drawing. Then, literally dumped corn kernels on the hot glue. I ran outside and cut some corn husks from our outdoor fall display…I tucked those in the elastic of my husband’s pants. For my costume, I cut out the ears and spots from the felt. Tucked the ears into my pigtail rubber bands then, stuck the dots and spots all over my outfit. A little black liquid eye liner on my nose and DONE! A unique, cute Halloween couples costume!

Stay tuned for this year’s homemade costume….